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UndocuCarolina: Collaborating to Build a Welcoming Community

February 24, 2022

Learn more about the work being done by UndocuCarolina, a collaboration of UNC students, faculty, staff, community members, the Carolina Latinx Center and LatinxEd. UndocuCarolina is working to increase visibility, support and resources for members of the Carolina community living … Read more

Engaging Schools in Mindfulness-Based Programming

February 24, 2022

This presentation will highlight the potential benefits and challenges of engaging schools in new programming during COVID, and how we built a partnership in this context. School district partners/administrators will share their motivation for partnering, how the program aligns with … Read more

NC CEAL: The Black/African-American Community Response Team

February 24, 2022

The North Carolina Community Engagement Alliance (CEAL) Research Team established a collaborative process that implements intentional strategies to fully engage community partners to build the power necessary for shared decision making. The establishment of this collaborative also allows space for … Read more