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Community Organizing for Environmental Justice: Toxic Waste Cleanup and Corporate Accountability in West Badin, NC

February 28 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

A group of people marching with signs advocating for health and justice.

As of Tues., Feb. 27, 2024, 3 p.m., registration is closed for this event. We look forward to seeing those who are registered on Wednesday afternoon!

Join CCWBC, NCEJN, and the UNC Environmental Justice Action Research Clinic for an interactive panel discussion on environmental racism. For almost 100 years, Alcoa aluminum company’s labor and waste management practices in Badin, NC discriminated against and targeted Black union workers and residents, causing environmental, health and economic harm. To this day Alcoa’s unlined landfills and an inactive smelter site continue to release hazardous contaminants into the surrounding environment, which threatens the health of neighboring communities and those who use nearby lakes for recreation. The Concerned Citizens of West Badin Community (CCWBC) formed in 2013 to address these concerns and hold Alcoa accountable. The panel and Q&A discussion will highlight community-driven research partnerships with UNC and Duke, Badin’s history and current community organizing, and action steps to support CCWBC. Refreshments will be provided.  

Registration has closed for this event. Thanks to everyone who came out Wednesday Evening!